Multimedia Tools

Below are a list of multimedia tools that I make available to my students in Multimedia Journalism. After class ends for the semester, many students ask me to send them this list for work they’re doing in internships or jobs. So, to make things easier, I’m providing that list here on my website. Take some time to experiment with a couple of options from each category so that you’re familiar with interfaces and structures. Bolded tools are ones past students and I have found success with in, or ones that simply appear powerful and engaging. Plan to register with an email address for almost all of them. If one of these tools costs money, then you’ll see a ($) next to the item. (Please note: will not allow you to embed almost all of these multimedia tools into posts.) I’ll continue to add more tools to this list, as I learn about them. If you’re reading this now and know of some that aren’t listed, please send me an email with tools I should include here. I’ll do my best to keep this updated, in case some of the items on the list go dark.

Creating Multimedia

  • Storify — An interesting reporting tool that curates news from social media outlets.
  • ThingLink — A tool that makes images interactive.
  • Audacity — Audio editor
  • Soundslides — Audio slideshows ($)
  • PopcornMaker — A tool to create interactive videos.
  • Stipple — A tool to create galleries and interactive images
  • Zeega — A tool to create an interactive timeline, of sorts
  • Klynt — A tool for editing and publishing visual stories ($)
  • Cowbird — A tool, quite simply, to tell stories
  • Meograph — An interactive storytelling tool that tells stories in “four dimensions”
  • pearltrees — A tool to collect, organize and share the stuff you like
  • Magisto — A video tool that takes your videos and turns them into movies
  • iWitness — A tool that curates social media based on date and geographic parameters
  • Atavist — A tool that allows users to compile various elements — text, video, audio, animation — in an in-depth enterprise story



Graphics | Data


  • Buffer — A tool for social media scheduling and engagement information.
  • Title Maker — A tool that will generate “creative” titles to posts/for tweets.
  • The Latest — A tool that shows you what people are linking to (not trending topics).
  • Klout
  • If This Then That — A tool featuring up-to-date information you want to track.
  • Tweriod — A tool that gives you the best times to tweet based on your followers.
  • bitly
  • Think Up — A tool that analyzes Twitter and Facebook content and provides information about them to you (daily reports).

Presenting Documents

Tools for Going Live

Converting Difficult Files


General Reporting

Mobile Apps

Mobile Video Apps

Mobile Audio Apps

Mobile Photography Apps

Moving Mobile Files