Elon 101

The following is information about the Elon 101 course I teach at Elon University.

Mission Statement

Elon 101 supports the transition of first-year students as they become active participants in an academic community. To fulfill this mission, Elon 101 uses a developmental model of advising that:

  • Designs class experiences to expand students’ academic and interpersonal skills.
  • Provides opportunities to enhance students’ confidence and competence.
  • Encourages students to make informed decisions, exercise social responsibility and demonstrate personal integrity.
  • Fosters caring relationships and respect for individual differences.
  • Models passion for lifelong learning.

Course Objectives

Throughout this course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the purpose of the Elon Honor Code and its significance to maintaining a vibrant community.
  • Communicate the basic fundamentals of the First-Year Foundations and the Elon Core Curriculum.
  • Utilize basic advising planning tools.
  • Articulate the underlying importance of a basic liberal arts foundation to complement major requirements.
  • Identify basic campus resources to support their academic activities.
  • Locate and evaluate opportunities for campus-related involvement.
  • Communicate with their academic advisor about preregistration, academic requirements, and social issues or concerns.

Course Materials

  • Readings as assigned

Elon 101 Fall 2017 Syllabus (PDF)

ELON101CDFall17Syllabus by cmdonohue on Scribd